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Management Structure

The management  committee consists of owner who have offered their services free of charge  to run the complex. These are elected directors of Clifden Court Management Company Ltd. The election takes place at the  Annual General Meeting (AGM)  which takes place once a year. Meetings take place on a monthly basis and management agent  keeps directors up to date between meetings  by email and phone.

The current directors are:

Kate De Witt
David Bordas
Ann Kenny
Linda Condon
Cornelius OMahony

Any apartment owner is eligible for election as a director. We encourage owners to attend AGM and consider putting themselves forward for election as a director.

Caretaker: Julian
Ph: 086-8541756
Monday-Wednesday 8am-4pm, Thursday 8am-7pm,Friday 8am-1pm

Managment Agent: Adrian
Ph: 087 9217079
Office Ph: 01 6403387
Clidfen Court Residential Apartments,
Ellis Quay,
Dublin 7,
North Dublin.

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