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General Info

Hot Work Permit System

It is important that a Hot Work Permit system is implemented for any contractors who are braising, grinding or carrying out any other activity on the premises which may generate sparks or any task involving the use of naked flame or blow torch. Any contractors who are carrying out these activities must fill in the attached form to the Complex Manager (Mr Paul Payne) before any works commence
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Insurance Fact Sheet

This insurance fact sheet  has been completed to assist owners when they have to deal with potential insurance claims .Please read.
Click here to view the latest CCMC Insurance Fact Sheet 2010

Caretaker: Julian
Ph: 086-8541756
Monday-Wednesday 8am-4pm, Thursday 8am-7pm,Friday 8am-1pm

Managment Agent: Adrian
Ph: 087 9217079
Office Ph: 01 6403387
Clidfen Court Residential Apartments,
Ellis Quay,
Dublin 7,
North Dublin.

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